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Google Weekly Updates News – Algorithm Update, COVID-19 Search Trends

Last week Google had some changes in search behavior that we have to consider when we are in Digital. As we have to maintain social distancing to finish Corona, most of the employees and employers are working from home, so we have to keep updated through some of the domain blogs. Here are some of the key points to be considered:

  • Google search ranking update but still unconfirmed
  • Google said they do not penalize for weird brand or site names
  • Google said it is a myth that it prioritizes AMP pages in search results
  • Google is sending out Search Console notices about event markup issues
  • SEOs communities are claiming declines in organic traffic due to the coronavirus
  • Google Ads provided advice on how to manage your campaign during this crisis
  • Google said it does not make sites with manual actions wait longer to be reprocessed
  • Google said there is no need to disavow every link
  • Google said there is no such thing as two waves of crawling or Google Ads report editor now supports up to 100 accounts.

During this COVID-19 and maintain social distancing Google trends are also changing with some query like How to Buy Stocks, I’m bored, Toilet Paper, Online Yoga, How to make Pancakes

Also As per the source, there are the industry impacts during COVID-19

  • Large grocery retailer client: +433% YoY
  • Bulk grocery retailer client: +58% YoY
  • Large goods retailer client: +50.9% YoY
  • Online messaging and productivity tool client: +149% YoY
  • Hotel client: -43.3% YoY
  • Theme park client: -55% YoY
  • Chain restaurant client: -29% YoY

Free tools to Measures test your page speed

As you know page speed is very important ranking factor for mobile ranking in search. Once you get above 3 seconds, many visitors leave before the page loads, many more will bounce, and your conversion rate will plummet, its not good. As per research when your page load time increased from 1 second to 3 seconds, the probability of bounce rate increased up to 32%.

The objectives here are as follows:

  • Physical file size. This should be as small as possible and ideally less than 3 MB.
  • Loading time. This should be as fast as possible and ideally below 3 seconds.
  • Mobile loading. This should be as fast as possible and ideally below 5 seconds on a 3G data connection.

Three important tool you can measure of test page speed

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Pingdom
  3. Google Mobile Test

Google Weakly Updates News

Google this week announced these all points which are important for SEO point of view.

  1. Google unconfirmed algorithm update
  2. Google AdWords is now officially Google Ads
  3. Google introduced Google Assistant schema for news publishers
  4. Chrome 68 is out, which means all HTTP sites are labeled as not secure
  5. Google dropped the public method to submit URLs to them
  6. Google said word count isn’t indicative of quality
  7. Google launched a white local panel design
  8. Google hotel search shows price insights and is testing a new search results look

Know about Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine

Google Search Engine

Google Facts and Must be know:

  1. Google was not the first name initially, its Blackrub
  2. After Blackrub its change with name Googoole, it means 10 to the power 6
  3. Googoole become change with name Google
  4. It is the project based and drive by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in California university
  5. First Google fully launched in year 4 September 1998,